Building Awesome from source is bullshit
// source, tiling, thoughts

So I wanted AwesomeWM 3.5 on my Debian Sid box. Guess what, 3.5 is only in experimental? Nope.gif. I could have installed it with dpkg though as I now realize, but I went ahead and built it from source.

...oh dear what a mess.

The wiki is great. Especially these two things:

  • Incomplete dependencies listed
  • Different build methods

Yeah, maybe somebody should update it.. Anyway, after deciphering what deps it really wants, I finally got it installed! Yay me. Now I get to enjoy All these 3.5 goodies that are... err... well..... Ok atleast I got to install these goodlooking rc.lua's.

All's good in the kings lair once again. Long live tiling window managers!