Why is Python syntax so good?
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I mean come on! I used to be a PHP-only developer. Thought nothing of the syntax, sometimes just wondering why there has to be semicolon at the end of every line. Oh well, keep coding anyway.

But then - something happend - I tried Python. Lol forced indentation? Come on! No curly braces around loops/if-statements/etc? Lol how dumb.

I went forward though. Soon I realized how wonderful it was, everything was so simple. No more syntax error because forgot curly brace or semicolon. Indentation made everything clear enough. Python does not feel like a programming language, (inb4 someone says that PHP isn't proper one anyway) because it is so easy to work with. The flow is amazing, everything feels so logical and natural, it almost feels unreal. Every time I have to do PHP nowadays, my syntax is f'd up at the beginning because I am thinking in Python. The curly braces, semicolons and everything don't feel logical anymore. Fuck that, I wanna do Python instead!